The EGE is a research centre at the Department of Ethics and History of Medicine. It focusses on the ethical questions of genome editing. Due to the support by the Dr. Kurt and Irmgard Meister Foundation the centre - unique in Germany - documents the technical developments in the life sciences during an extended period of time as well as the reception and processing of these developments among the public. The EGE's objective is to identify the ethical, legal, and social challenges of genome editing, to reflect on the normative questions posed in an institutional environment and thereby provide an academic foundation for transdisciplinary dialogue.
The EGE was set up in April 2017 at the Department of Ethics and HIstory of Medicine which is part of the Medical Faculty at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen. The research centre is supported by the Dr. Kurt and Irmgard Meister Foundation.
Robert Ranisch
Head of the Research Centre
"Ethics of Genome Editing"
Gartenstr. 47 
D-72074 Tübingen
Tel. 07071/29-78031
Fax 07071/29-5190 
Email: robert.ranisch[at]
Twitter: @GenomeEdit