The aim of the research project is to historically and systematically explore Martin Heidegger’s reception in German medicine, particularly in psychiatry and psycho(patho)logy.

  • The historical focus shall lie on Ludwig Binswanger and Medard Boss’ “daseinanalytical” conceptions, both of whom most thoroughly apprehended Heidegger and whose approaches were the most influential. In addition, the project will be concerned with the acceptance of Heidegger among the likes of A. Storch, J. Stutt, V. v. Gebstattel, H. Kunz and others as well as the further developments of Binswannger and Boss’ approaches. In doing so, Heidegger’s literary reception as well as his influence by means of personal correspondence will be the object of analysis. The project includes the examination of the (largely unpublished) posthumous correspondence between Ludwig Binswanger and Medard Boss. Important letters will be published.
  • The reception will be analyzed systematically based on four areas:
    • Theoretical status and
    • anthropological or daseinontological fundamentals of psychiatry and psychotherapy, theoretical application and
    • therapeutic application of Heidegger's philosophy in psychiatry and psychotherapy. Not only the positive, but also the critical reception of Heidegger in medicine will be traced.