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The History Department’s library is open on the following days:

Tuesday: 2pm – 6pm
Wednesday: 9am – 1pm and 2pm – 6pm
Friday: 9am – 1pm 




Contact person:

Jeannie Braun
Library and Information Manager (BA)

Head of Library

Phone: 07071 29-76020
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Goethestr. 6
72076 Tübingen



The reference library contains approximately 60,000 books, 75 current journals and an extensive collection of reprints, dissertations, picture and slide material on the topics of medical history, the history of science as well as the history of pharmacy. The Institute’s special collection includes the history of psychiatry and psychoanalysis (Freud’s biography, Freud’s correspondence, Freud’s library, Ludwig Binswanger and his patients), social history and psychiatry as well as medicine in Nazi Germany.

History of the collection

The Institute for the History of Medicine was established at the University of Tübingen in 1961. The following year, the library began to slowly take shape with donations from several clinics in Tübingen (e.g., the Eye Clinic, the Psychiatric Clinic and the University Department of Dermatology) as well as from professors in Tübingen. Of considerable importance is Karl Jacobi’s (former Professor of Pharmacology in Tübingen from 1908 to 1927) collection acquired in 1966, which comprises a total of 355 volumes, including 100 titles from the 19th century and works from the early 20th century (mainly textbooks on pharmacology, physiology, and other medical disciplines).
The Institute has now merged with the Department of Medical Ethics and is now known as the Institute for Ethics and the History of Medicine. The director of the Institute is Urban Wiesing.

Research opportunities

For medical history and ethics, the electronic library catalog Tübingen (OPAC) can be used in addition to the paper catalog format. The electronic catalog includes all of the 4,000 volumes in the library collection of the Institute for Ethics in Medicine (Gartenstr. 47) and the majority of the history collection (Goethestr. 6). Some titles pertaining to medical history that were published prior to 2006 can be found using “Katalog Institute 2” as well as CDs. However, the number of volumes has gradually decreased, as we move forward with cataloging. In addition, the Institute databases are managed using PHS, which contains journals relevant to the history of science, and IWD, which contains completed doctoral dissertations on the history of medicine. These are available online but can be made available on site upon request.


In addition to an online workspace, our library users may use three conventional places to read and work. Furthermore, a microfiche reader and an A4 copier are available. For the latter, a fee of 5 cents per page is required (in cash).


Binswanger’s Library

Since the year 2000, the Institute has been in possession of Binswanger's library, which consists of Ludwig Binswanger’s reference library, the physicians’ library and the patients’ library of the private sanatorium “Bellevue” in Kreuzlingen. The collection comprises about 3,500 volumes of monographs, 4,000 volumes of periodicals and approximately 5,000 reprints. The monographs can be found in the library catalog Tübingen (OPAC). There are special directories at the Institute for periodicals and reprints.