Sub-project B05: AIDS as a threat to the code of medical conduct and the political order. Physicians and AIDS in the Federal Republic and the GDR (1981 - 1989)

Description of the sub-project

The sub-project B05 investigated the reaction of medical professionals in the Federal Republic and the GDR to the AIDS threat during the 1980s, which triggered a downright “epidemic of fear”.

On the one hand, the focus of the project lies on the medical community as the communicator of the threat and thus on the question of how it went about communicating this threat – due to the high risk of infection presumed at its onset – to both the medical code of conduct as well as the political order (the free democratic order in the Federal Republic and the socialist system in the GDR). On the other hand, the sub-project deals with the actions taken by the medical community. The project takes on research questions by comparing aspects and transfer processes between the (differently organized) physicians in West Germany and East Germany. [More]



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