Research Leader

Prof. Dr. Jens Clausen



Dr. Gardar Arnason


DFG Transregional Collaborative Research Group Primate Systems Neuroscience, TP C2 “Ethical Considerations and Standards”

Oonagh Hayes

Hayes ID

BMBF ELSA joint project Transfer of Knowledge, sub-project 1 "Deep Brain Stimulation: Reconstruction of the Transfer of Knowledge from the Scientific Community to the Broad Public"

Dr. Veronika Johansson

Veronica Johansson klein

BMBF research project “Brain Computer Interfaces: Long-term Interface for verbal expression (BCI LIVE) "TP" Ethical Implications”
Doctoral Students

Verena Romer

Foto Verena Romer

May neurological interventions change one’s identity?

Andre Scherer

André Scherer klein

Ethical Aspects of treating patients with impaired consciousness

Aline Schöller

Schöller klein

Brain death as a requirement for organ transplantation: The development of an ethical debate in view of current findings in neuroscience

Helena Ueding

Frau Ueding klein

Prediction and prevention of psychiatric disorders: Ethical implications of Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia